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18th-Dec-2010 06:41 pm - D18 Day Exchange: Master List


  First of all, thank you for everyone who has participated! This round has a grand total of 9 fics and 10(+2) arts \o/ All writers, artists, pinch-hitters, you all make this D18 DAY exchange possible! ♥

  Enjoy the glorious fics and arts (and mixes)!

Master list under the cutCollapse )
18th-Dec-2010 05:47 pm - FANART POST (D18 FIC/ART EXCHANGE)
And here is the fanart post for D18 DAY Exchange \o/

First, let's drool over these coy previews.

And then the real thing! ♥

Title: Souvenir
Artist: i_yume
Recipient: D18 DAY \o/
Prompt: Everything's fine with me as long as it's TYL
Rating: PG

SouvenirCollapse )

Title: Untitled
Artist: isaofdoom
Recipient: kamylah
Prompt: thrill me - kill me, hate me - kiss me; either way, let me enjoy it. 21!Kyouya & 28!Dino
Rating: PG
Artist's Note: Tried to follow the prompt best I could, came out a bit
vague but. I really hope you like it. >_<;;

Pic under the cutCollapse )

Title: Together
Artist: i_yuuki
Recipient: mizukino3
Prompt: TYE (12)D x TYL (25) 18

TogetherCollapse )

Title: Amore!
Artist: kurapika_ml
Recipient: spiritdream
Prompt: Dino photographer x Hibari super model
Rating: PG-13
Artist's note: this is the first time Hibari - super model and Dino - photographer work together. And inmediately Dino was attacted by Hibari...

Amore!Collapse )

Title: You're my treasure
Artist: lindacynder
Recipient: lm_19
Prompt: D18 in pirate costume
Rating: G
Artist's Note: Thanks to mizukino3 for coloring the art for me ><
I tried my best. Hope you like it :)

You're my treasureCollapse )

Title: Catch you!
Artist: lm_19
Recipient: caoxoanx
Prompt: Alaude & Cavallone 1st with whip and handcufffs
Artist's Note: Somehow it came out not the way I intended, there's no whip here, so I made a small bonus for the requester.

Catch you!Collapse )

Title: Prisoner
Artist: caoxoanx
Recipient: i_yuuki
Prompt: Hibari is a thief and Dino is a police officer
Rating: R-15
Artist's Note: Thanks to satchithuong for helping me color this art :)
Um I actually don't know how to draw thief!Hibari ^^;; H-hope that I don't disappoint the requester ><
I tried my best.

PrisonerCollapse )

Title: Little wolf
Artist: mizukino3
Recipient: lindacynder
Prompt: Sheep Dino and Wolf Hibari fairytale

Rating: PG-13

Little wolfCollapse )

Title: Damarui no yoban
Artist: rurud18
Recipient: jusrecht
Prompt: Dino and Hibari are sitting in a tree.
Rating: PG-13

Damarui no yobanCollapse )

Title: Untitled
Pinch-hitter: bemused_dreamer
Recipient: i_yume
Prompt: TYL!Hibari teacher and PD!Dino student

Pic under the cutCollapse )
Title: Never Let the Birds Fly
Author: selene_umi
Recipient: spiritdream
Rating: PG
Prompt: Pirate AU – Pirate Captain Cavallone and seemingly hapless son of governor Kyouya out in the sea having adventures.
A/N: No animals are harmed in the making of this story. And somehow, it turned a bit PotC-ish. Sorry ;_;

Never Let the Birds FlyCollapse )
18th-Dec-2010 06:44 pm - Fanfic: Binary (D18 Fic/Art Exchange)
Title: Binary
Author: jusrecht
Recipient: selene_umi
Prompt: D18 with a dash of Primo!Cavallone/Alaude, “This is us, forever and after.”
Rating: R
Warning: Some mentions of sex and two storylines at once so it may be a little confusing.

BinaryCollapse )
Title: It’s Called Training Here In The Future
Author: selene_umi
Recipient: D18 Day
Rating: R
Warning: Pedo!Dino and crack. Complete, utter crack.

It’s Called Training Here In The FutureCollapse )
Title: Hold my heart in two
Author: spiritdream
Recipient: rensai879
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Prompt: Lambo's 10 Year Bazooka has misfired again and has brought the 12 year old Dino from the past. How will Hibari handle this innocent and cute version of his Dino?
Word Count: 1,549
Notes: thank you anon fairy for the beta. *kisses*

Hold my heart in twoCollapse )
Title: Prelude to Pendulum
Author: spiritdream
Recipient: D18 Day
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: blood? Nothing much, really.
Word Count: 1,763
Notes: thank you anon fairy for the beta. *kisses*
Summary: in which Dino is a bartender and Hibari is a rather dashing customer in a suit. Only, not exactly.

Prelude to PendulumCollapse )
Title: Ichiren-takushou
Author: ryuutchi
Recipient: rurud18
Rating: PG
Warnings: Fairytale language, lack of names, reference to death and mayhem
Prompt: 22!Dino and 15!Hibari, tragedy, angst, D suicides. (I may have gone off on a tangent, but I hope you enjoy it anyhow.)
Word Count: 3117
Beta-reader: comixologist, 1010nabulation and conditionally

Ichiren-takushouCollapse )
Title: Broken lives, lost souls and stolen hearts
Author: rensai879
Recipient: ryuutchi
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst, self-harm, boys kissing, implied sex
Prompt: Byakuran killed the Cavallone family and Hibari finds that he
can’t actually bring himself to abandon TYL Dino to complete uselessness
Word Count: 3600
Beta-readers: Bazzingah, Okiely dokiely and Lamba phage

Broken lives, lost souls and stolen heartsCollapse )
Title: Green Harlequin
Author: kamylah
Recipient: furiosity
Rating: R
Warnings: future arc spoilers and light smut
Prompt: Hibari walks in on Dino being intimate with someone else
Word Count: 2,386
Beta-reader: andraangel5

Green HarlequinCollapse )
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